Misa -The living Ceremony
The Transformative Power of the Divine Presence
Transcend the Ordinary
During this apprenticeship weekend, we will learn to host the quintessential ceremony of the Katari Paqo Tradition, The Spiritual Misa. A Misa or, “Mass”, is the ceremonial embodiment of the 3 virtues: Faith, Hope, and Charity. A Place where we learn and grow spiritually, where we establish our connection to the spirits and forces of nature. A Misa is about community, not just of humans but of spirits and nature beings. People attend Misas for many reasons -to receive guidance in life, for instruction in the use and development of spiritual gifts, or spiritual healing. During a Misa, a delicate web is woven between the seen and unseen worlds, between human, spirit, and nature. Through this web, we all become one, part of the flow of life-giving energy.