Speaking With the Voice of Mountains
The Magical Powers of the Visionary!

In this weekend intensive, we apprentice the skills leading to mastery in our own unique medicine way. This is the final step in the building of the Monqo Wasi, “Eternal Inner Temple”.

This inner work is the path of the Amaru, or “Serpent”, symbolizing our connection to the lower world, our ancestors, intuition, and impulses.

During the workshop, we gain insight into the eight fields of consciousness and our real capabilities. This is the power of, the Qawaq, or “Visionary”, the skill to transcend ordinary awareness and discern the quality of energy exchanges -using intuition to understand how they contribute to creating the conditions of our life.

We will deepen our relationships with our allies: animals, people, and personal guides who lend their energy to enhance our ability to see speak feel, move and behave authentically.

We will learn to use our, “Sacred Sight”, and awaken the power of the “Oracle”. We will strengthen the Seven Powers culminating in the ultimate act of personal power - the ability to manifest our own reality and healing.

Learn the Andean Mysterie's of Mediumship!
Develop and Learn to Use the 7 Powers of the Magician!
Discover the Ability to "Dream Your World into Being"!
Death, Dying & Beyond....

An initiation into the Andean medicine ways and transformative arts of Peruvian of Cross-cultural shamanism.   

Join don Zane Curfman for this powerful cross-cultural workshop. During the weekend we learn how to aid loved ones on their final journey, and how to care for those left behind. learn how to assist with the grieving process, and the unique illnesses caused by losing a loved one. Learn about various cultures views about death including Western, Tibetan, Egyptian, Amazonian, and Andean. Learn about wisdom contained in the Tibetan and Egyptian Books of the Dead How to administer the death rites to a dying person Experience the Aya Despacho, and shamanic small death. Small death is a special type of ceremonial journey used by medicine people to experience the disorientating effects of dying and to map the journey into the afterlife.

Expierence Small Death and Learn to Navigate the Shadowy Terrain of the Dead!
Become a Psychopump -Person with the Ability to Assist Others on Their Final Journey and Aid Those In Grief
Learn About the Shades of the Dead, Cause Spirits and the Unique Dis-Eases Caused by the Dead!