Misha & Advanced Healing Arts
Learn to tap into your healing potential
 Building on the teachings from the previous two classes, we will dive deeper into the Shamanic world of spiritual healing. During this weekend, we apprentice the sacred center of the Katari Altar Maestro. In the center, we build the Kintu Misha, a power-pack that represents our heart’s fire.

The Kintu Misha serves as the Axis Mundi, bridging the three worlds and organizing the flows of spiritual and cosmological energies for our highest good and healing. The mystery teachings of the Kintu Misha facilitates a deepening of connection with nature, spirit and sacred places- becoming an indispensable tool for the service and healing of others.

During our time, we will learn to connect to our Ch’aska Kuna, or “Guiding Stars”, this is one of the most important tasks following the Andean path. Your guiding stars represent your highest potential, spiritual gifts, and talents. Through group work, we will define our personal power, and learn to express it using Rimay, “The Power of True Speech”. We will structure our Misha according to personal power, and close them using an Andean folding method. We will learn the ceremonial uses of the Misha, and advanced ways to use the mesa in healing.
Recieve Information and Guidence from the Natural World -for Self & Others!
Learn the  Traditional Uses of the MIsha -including the Saminch"aska, or the "Delivery of Empowerment"!
Participate in and Learn the Sacred Art of the Despacho!
The Art of Personal Power
Hamonizing more deeply with nature and opening the heart  of community!

This workshop intensive attends to the real work of spiritual adulthood, the eradication of fear and fear-based behaviors. Stepping through the shadowy realms of our inner world, we learn to navigate, “ The Seven Powers of The Unconscious”.

During the weekend we will apprentice the wisdom transmissions of the Chaupi teachings -the traditional bridge between the mystical and magical sides of the path. Through the opening of a series of perceptive eyes on the body, we learn the arts of the Chunpi Paqo. These arts teach us to work with lifetime and encrusted hucha and the powerful practice of Soul Retrieval Andean style.

The Chunpi Paqo is considered a special skill. According to Q’ero stories, when none of the indigenous healers were able to restore health to a sick person, the Chunpi Paqo was summoned to perform his energy-belt rituals and the person was healed.

Through a series of rites, we incorporate, “The Sacred Couple”: a blending of our inner masculine and feminine selves.
Learn to truth about sorcery, inner and outer and how to overcome it!
Using  polarity we learn to create harmony -the spiritual art of conflict resaloution!
The practice of "Inkan Soul Retrieval"!