A Natural Mystic's Guide to Ascension
Embrace a New Reality!

An initiation into the Andean medicine ways and transformative arts of Peruvian of Cross-cultural shamanism.   

Through sacred sound and ceremony, we learn to engage in the dynamics of living energy. By connecting to the natural world we learn to cleanse ourselves of the heavy energies that lead to conflict and illness. Finally, we learn to step into infinity and create a sacred space. 

The experience of infinity and the sacredness of our time together is embodied in the Katari Mesa, The Katari Mesa is a type of personal alter, through which we play host to the nature beings, spirits, and ancestors -for our growth, and empowerment. The Mesa is the sacred heart of our ceremonies and healing service to our Earth Mother and fellow creation.

Visit Power spots and learn to work with the sacred environment.
Build the Katari Mesa, a sacred space where we perform our healings and develop our personal power!
Apprentice the basic healing arts of Peruvian Cuanderismo -including a powerful healing/cleansing ritual with the Hucha Pitchay Rumi
The Great Initiation
Becoming the person you were always meant to be!
In this program, we undergo the rites of the Hatun Karpay, or “Great Initiation”, as passed to me by Juan Nunez del Prado. This is the Initiation of the Kurak Akulleq, or 4th level Andean Priesthood.
The Hatun Karpay opens us to direct intimate contact with the divine and facilitates the connection to the three worlds. In a series of beautifully moving rituals and exercises, we begin the process of re-connecting ourselves to the sacred energy of the Earth. Recognizing that we each have a strong seed within ourselves, which holds our potential and dreams. We will travel to natural sites that hold sacred energy,

With the help of Mother Nature, we heal the wounds of our personal past, invoke/cleanse the energy of our Ancestors -starting the process of ancestral healing and awakening the spiritual gifts of our family lines. The Hatun Karpay creates the energy necessary to germinate and flower our seed of potential.

We will use our time together to rediscover our potential and find new ways to understand and express who we are, and what we came here to do.
Discover the Natural Mystic's path to enlightenment.and experience the Vaja de los condor - a journey of spiritual rejuvination and empowerment
Increase the power of your ceremonies and healings -by learning which nature spirits to align with for different circumstances.
Continue to develop in the foundational healing arts of Peruvian cuanderismo &  shamanism.