Peruvian Cross-cultural Shamanism

Outgrowing Tyranny
By don Zane Curfman

We are witnessing the strange reality that times, they are a-changing. Many are filled with fear and apprehension -these are not the types of changes they had hoped or envisioned. There is a sense that something is wrong, that the current way of life is unsustainable-inequality, hatred, and greater restrictions on personal freedoms are on the rise.

People are disillusioned -they have been waiting for a savior to rise from the broken masses or a God to return and set everything right. Please understand there are no saviors outside of our own developed self, only way showers.

The great "Sages", "Saviors" and "Redeemers" of the past, who were deified and elevated to the unreal god status -were nothing more than the manifestation of a further developed human being. This is not meant as an atheistic sentiment, rather it is an acknowledged veneration of the validity and sanctity of the "Spirit that moves in us all".

This is what the Sages, saviors, and redeemers of the past were trying to share -that we are intimately entangled with the original creative mystery and as such, part and partial of that original divinity.
The religions, governments and economic systems that we cling to for hope and the illusion of security, are nothing but the projection of our personal power outwardly. They are only necessary because we refuse to love ourselves and are afraid to take personal responsibility for improving the world.

When we shrink from our own personal power and responsibility -projecting it onto blind, deaf and dumb systems, we set them up to fail. We are asking them and the people who enforce them to be amoral -seeing themselves as better or greater than the common masses. We have given them power over us and they have been more than happy to capitalize and embrace our lack of responsibility and accountability. They have systematically indoctrinated us with their oppressive values, to protect us from our own shadows.

No government, religion or economic system can fix what's wrong with our world. The odd truth is that only the individual has something meaningful to offer. Never forget, we the people are the agents of change. It is important that we hold the light and invest in ourselves again. It is up to us -create the relationships needed to grow communities. This is the only sure fire way out of Political, Religious, and Economic tyranny. No political candidate, economic system, or form of government can do that for us. That remains our responsibility.
The hard truth is that growth and change are not easy. Ask anyone who has traversed the journey from illness to health or have battled their own demons to make a better, more fulfilling life for themselves. They will tell you that transformation and change is a very uncomfortable, though a rewarding process.

The first step to overcoming Tyranny is to overthrow it in ourselves. Defeating those limiting beliefs and fears of inferiority. These are the very same blocks that impede us from living an empowered life and acting in an authentic way. This type healing is only possible when we are ready to confront and accept, these darker aspects as inseparable parts of our Wholeness.

When we choose to embark on the journey towards wholeness, we engage our fears, insecurities, limiting beliefs. As they are liberated from this unconscious crystalline matrix, the information contained within is allowed to rise to the top of conscious awareness.

This process is akin to Purging. As the first bytes of information are processed by our conscious awareness -we become awash in uncomfortable memories, emotions and physical feelings that must be dealt with. The first bytes processed are only the symptoms of a deeper underlying cause -the original wounds that trigger our unconscious reactionary states. These newly awakened sensations if not allowed to be processed are felt as stress and expressed through the classic defense mechanisms. We must find new coping skills to navigate this darkness until we discover our own inner light.  

By rediscovering our inner light we simultaneously start the important work of awakening our inner gifts and talents. Eventually, this healing creates a new destiny for the self. We at that point become an ascending feather of unique colored light.

This personal process of healing is mirrored at the communal level. We in the shamanic world have known that often, personal illness is only a symptom of a greater communal imbalance. Instead of being frightened by all the fear, hatred, bigotry and misogyny that is surfacing. It may be helpful to see this as a purging from the collective unconscious of humanity.   

During this time protest and political movements are uniting like-minded individuals hoping to create a better future for us all. What matters the most, is the health of these fledgling communities. As we continue to mature, (attain the 4th level of consciousness) we will develop the wisdom and compassion to enlarge our communities beyond the self-made borders of land and ideas.   
There will soon come a time when we will have the capacity for accepting and empathizing with the rights of others -while celebrating their differences. Humanity will come to realize that all family lines, traditions, and societies are representations of the many divine faces of the Creator. As more and more "turn on," thus becoming their own feather of unique colored light. It will adorn the Mother Earth with the rainbow-colored wings of Ascension. This signifies the healing of humanity, the bridging of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and the harmony of the inner/outer masculine and feminine. This will lead to a truly global community.

"As the people gather in fear and uncertainty awaiting the basics of life from collapsing systems no longer able to support them, forming great long lines. The people will begin to remember the qualities of the community. As they begin to speak and listen to each others problems and needs, they will start to see that the savior is truly one another and the natural world."
This realization will restore self-respect and pride to people, prompting each to use their gifts and talents in support of one another. As we realize how much we rely on nature, that she is the source for all that is needed, we will start to see her as a loving being -our true mother. Eventually, we will communicate with her as our ancestors did through a type of energetic dialog.

I urge you at this time not to give up, rather get involved -Take community action!

One of the best ways to overcome outward tyranny is to retake control over our food -remember those who control the stomachs of the people also control their minds. The best way to do this is to organize family, friend and community Victory Gardens. The concept of a victory garden comes from the first and second world wars. Their purpose was to reduce pressure on public food supplies.

I have repurposed that term -as an action, we can take to outgrow economic, political and even religious tyranny. Victory gardens are one tool we can use -to grow our communities and free ourselves from the monopoly of processed and packaged foods. Victory gardens work as a civil "morale booster". The community of gardeners feel empowered by their contribution of labor and rewarded by the produce grown. Working together in the garden, we get to know each other -opening a dialog that allows us to unite in our diversity. Regardless of our cultural or religious backgrounds, we all want the same things, safety and security. The best path toward this goal is a strong, supportive inclusive community.

Alone we can do amazing things, united we can perform miracles. We need only to proceed with the utmost confidence!