The Katari apprenticeship program is a series of 7 weekend workshops designed by don Zane Curfman, to emulate the traditional experience of apprenticeship. This cross-cultural shamanic tradition is heavily based on the traditional Paqo kuna of the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes. At the heart of the program is a little known process of personal development -hidden in the prophetic and mystical traditions of the Andes.

The sacred red road of the Peruvian Andes is known as the Kausay Puriy. The name means to walk or navigate the energies of life. This is the path of the Paqo "Nature Mystic" and the traditional way of life practiced by the Q'ero and Andean peoples for over 1600 years. This way of life is based upon Ayni, “divine reciprocity” and on our interdependent connection to the spiritual and natural worlds

As we move from cultural and regional boundaries, into a global community. It is important not to lose sight of the socio/spiritual wisdom of our ancestors. Our ancestors through their rituals, myths, legends, religions and prophecies, Left us a key for unlocking the mysteries of our creation.

The Katari teachings are the spiritual arts of our ancestors, applied to the modern world. They impress upon our minds, body and souls timeless wisdom -that can be learned, but not taught. Through the application of these arts we acquire the skill to navigate and harmonize the unorganized energies of life, redirecting them toward our dreams, gifts, and talents.