Semester One
Path of the Hummingbird

Semester Two
Path of the Puma

Semester Three
Path of the Amaru

Semester Four
Path of the Katari

Master Class

Starting Aug 2017
Cleveland, OH.
Awaken The Spiritual Power Within!
Become a person with the character and ability to offer something meaningful to our fellow creatures and the beloved Earth Mother.
The Katari apprenticeship program was created by, don Zane Curfman, and is a cross-cultural shamanic tradition heavily based on the Paqo kuna traditions of the Peruvian Andes. This program was created for those who feel the call to heal and is a series of seven-weekend retreats, and five online classes -designed to give you all the tools you will need to practice and create your own unique medicine way.

Through Earth-honoring ceremonies, initiations, and ancient wisdom teachings, we acquire the energy and understanding needed to pass beyond the veils of normal consciousness- into the realms of trans-personal awareness. As we develop our ability to sense the dynamics of living energy, we learn to transform these energies for individual or group growth or redirect them toward our dreams, gifts, and talents.
Latest Video
Exploring the Shamanic Journey

don Zane Curfman and Randy Keller being interviewed by Sound Health Options - Richard 'TalkToMeGuy' Olson & Sharry Edwards.
This interview covers a wide range of topics from Shamanic States to what the Experience of Shamanism has to Offer the Modern World.